Blue Iced Cream

Don’t feel blue – let the blue ice cream do it for you – and never allow that to be raspberry!


and what would leave you feeling blue? Or do you always have a rosy, red view of the world? The blue ice cream box that we’re trying to celebrate is in fact the salubrious blueberry variety – so not something that you’d ever expect Duncan to care about!!

The more observant of the Blue fans will notice that this is really a lighter shade of purple – but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate it here in the ice cream box! And perhaps best of all, it can leave you with a blue tongue which is something that is always going to help you to stand out from the crown in a crowded room! Keep it subtle, then in the middle of a gentle conversation then just flip out the blue tongue – you’ll see how well it all works as soon as you’ve done it – everyone will stop dead in mid-word – with drool and dribbles leaking down their chins, possibly even pooling onto the carpet. That is the way to use your Blue ice cream box!

blue cream whipper

blue cream whipper

Of course you can use a bit of the same juice to put a bit of something extra into the Blue Cream Whipped and see where you get with that one!! Indeed with the coloured cream onto the blueberry icecream, what we’ll really be looking at here would need to be classed as a blue-on-blue action, indeed on an alien plane then it could be confused with the girl-on-girl ice cream fight!! Except of course that aliens are really not very likely to want to start wrestling in whipped cream – that is an activity the only earthlings are likely to get much pleasure from!!