Cream Chargers

What ice cream box would be complete without cream charges to make it all whippy? After all (at least according to everything is improved by a whipped cream topping! So if you haven’t guessed it – now we are talking sundaes – the King of all ice cream desserts – so fill your ice cream box and read on….


The new cookery guide “Beyond Whipped Cream” was written to encourage people to think out side the (icecream) box and do something a little bit different with their cream chargers – the motivation of the Cheeky Monkey is clear to all – they just want to sell more!!! But we can forgive them for their rampant capitalist attitude because there are in fact some rather tasty recipes going on here – so which one are we going to review … drum-roll please…. actually none of them! What we did was take a few elements of them and mix it all up just te way we liked it – and made super striped layered ice cream espuma with de-constructed Mojito Cocktails running through it!

So how did it work out!!! Well it was great beyond words – this was alcohol infused whipped cram with a cream chargers, nitrous oxide powered taste explosion – and to make it even better – we got dead drunk while we were trying it out! And the ice cream box loves to get out of its box.

So that is the Mojito bit – all we really did was use the whipper and a bit of jelly to foam it all up so we could get drunk using a spoon – which is like the old school vodka jelly routine, only because this was all built using the cream dispenser then we added a bit of foam to it which worked well with the layered sundae – and to make it all the lighter we used a second cream chargers to make a bit of Mr Whip for a foam-on-foam experience. And because we are adults we didn’t use a 99 flake, but instead used some much more sophisticated grated Green&Blacks Chocolate -gosh aren’t we posh! Although the posh aspect started to wear a bit when we were all drunk with whipped cream dripping down our chins and onto the shirts!

whipped cream lady

whipped cream lady

And that is the actual-factual photo of how going beyond whipped cream eventually worked out for the team here at ice cream box! Find the full recipe over at in their free to download cookbook!