Crime – get whipped!

Who says that crime doesn’t pay? I’m sure history would contradict that statement!

Perhaps i the olden days things were different – back when you’d need to screw your courage to the whipping post – but not any more!!! How would you feel about having rotten tomatoes thrown at you!!

Which leads us to the possibly true story of the Italian ice cream maker that was stoned to death for trying to use jam instead of fresh strawberries!! He thought that he could hide it with heaps of whipped cream, but that was never going to work out too well for him! The Italian ice cream box is often more of an ice cream boxer – as in a pugalist and a fighter! so don’t be surprised when the punch your flake 99 through the back of your head!

This ended up as a tradition and the annual ice cream box, ice cream fight became a regular feature of the calendar for everyone in the town. There are now multiple categories – with the girlongirl being the most popular, but then it is Italy and they are always thinking bunga-bunga over there!

ice cream fight

ice cream fight

The rules are fairly simple – the only weapon is allowed is the ice cream – and this is quite strictly adhered to even a flake 99 or a cornetto cone would be considered cheating, which wasn’t always the case until there too many lost eyes and ears due to the sharp-end cone stabbing. The whole even takes place in an arena filled with whipped cream and standing around the outside are the men known as the “whip cream gods”, each one holding a whipped cream dispenser fully charged with never less than 16gm of nitrous oxide. The whipped cream is designed to make it all a bit more slippery and lubricated, which makes for more falls and less friction when it comes to the wrestling part.