Nando Cream Chargers

Nando – love chicken, love cream, love pirir-piri – then Nando Cream Chargers must surely be for you!!! Let ice cream box investigate on your behalf!

Firstly, let us ask what are piri-piri chargers? Well it is a roasted chill with a hint of nitrous oxide and cream – are you intrigued yet?? Well if not then, you surely should be!

The difference that instead of applying the Nando piri-piri direct, instead you pile he mix into your whipped cream dispenser and then give it a really good shake then the frothed foam that the chargers pump out give the nando touch to your chicken – and they simply cannot be beaten!!!

For those of you that worry about the nitrous oxide causing issues when it goes on the fire – the don’t – it isn’t actually a conbustable substance, it is merely an oxidising agent – so STOP worrying and go and to enjoy the barbecue experience.

And just a tip – do not forget to wash out the whipped cream dispenser before you use it again – nobody wants to get chilli into their kinky cream do they!!