rm real movers for the ice cream boxes

The real movers and shakers in the Ice Cream Box world are ALL sworn to the use of the whipped cream at every opportunity – it is sort of like a clandestine organization with a secret handshake – these are all cream lovers that would never leave home without the cream chargers – and of course the full-fat cream!!

amazing ice cream

but what happens when people thin they are cool – but really it gets to hot??? What can save the ice cream then?? The answer is (obviosuly) the trusted cream chargers – all you need to do is pour the melted gloop into the cream whipped and fire it up with nitrous oxide and before you know it you’ll be eating fresh Mr Whip ice cream!! And you don’t even need to put it back into the freezer – so I guess it is more of a mouses than a true ice cream, but you can freeze it after charging it if you want to get back exactly where you started off.

So what exactly is happening? Well, it’s all to do with the way the the nitrous oxide form the charger interacts with the fat in the ice cream – in fact the fattier and thicker the ice cream the better it’ll work out for you. How about that for a reason the skip on the diet for a while?

ice cream wives

ice cream wives

This almost makes it possible to enjoy our ice cream twice – once as a frozen dessert and once as simply flavoured whipped cream!!