Scud Fan For Cream Chargers

The scud fan, the cream charges and the brown, chocolate ice cream cones!!

Ice Cream Cones | Vadilal Icecreams TVC | Ice… by icecreamvadilal

They come out of a packet and they aren’t powered by cream charges – but the scudfan thinks that they might be worth a little covet!!! Those French-made missiles really do the trick.


Blown Away is a fanlisting for Australian tennis player Mark Philippoussis. With his serve compared to a scud-missile, his explosive game and his Greek-god looks, we’re blown away by the Scud too.

070104 Added 4 members (long overdue -sorry!).

290903 Added 2 members. Congrats to Mark on winning the title in Shanghai!

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Mark Philippoussis fanlisting: created by Sonia, using photoimpact 6 and frontpage,