Simple Love

Was there ever a love so simple as the love a Mr Whip?

When you’ve got the cream chargers then everything else will always work out OK. This might not make sense until you hear about the weekend that I’ve just had … all you really need to know is that the dinner party would never have worked out with out enough whipped cream to totally cover the cake – which is why a whisk would never have cut-the-mustard … only cram chargers were ever going to save the day in this situation!

So, what went wrong? I can hear you say … well you know how you should never make a loud noise or slam a door when you’re making a cake – well how do you think that light-as-air cake would work out when you have an entire Mariachi band stroll through the kitchen??? Yep, it is every bit as bad as you might think! But …. all it took was a pint of double cream, two cream chargers a good healthy squirt and then a box of glacĂ© cherries to cover it.

The actual result was very similar in looks to the famous whipped cream bikini with that gut that used to be in Dawsons creek – but the guests were happy – or perhaps just drunk by that time – to top it all off I infused the rubbish, sunken cake with some whipped cream vodka and that actually worked out quite well for us! Because there is very little that cannot be made better by either vodka or whipped cream!!!!

Thank you very much Mr Whip – you will always be welcome around my flat!!!! It really is a simple Love!!!