Twist and shout, let it out – it’s Mr Whip Whippy! The chargers are taking over!

The Mr Whip whippy is the culmination of all things good, and all things ice cream – the result being a twist and a spiral of delight then just keeps on going. Although be warned, the more air you pump in with the dispenser then the quicker that it is going to melt, so you’ll end up with it running all the way down to your elbow.

So follow the ice cream box Twist and there are our top tips to get the most out of your ice cream, the cream chargers top-tips on how to preserve your Mr Whip ice cream from melting.

  1. This one is obvious – get in the shade
  2. Head north – ┬áice cream never melts in Scotland
  3. Wear gloves – stop the heat of you hand melting the ice cream
  4. Eat fast
  5. Use an insulating layer of whipped cream
  6. get your own ice cream dispenser to make sure that you top it up if it goes wrong
  7. Don’t use cream chargers (that Nitrous oxide is a global warming gas, so watch out!)
  8. Share with a friend – twice the tonguing, twice the speed, twice the fun!

So, use the top tips and you’ll be having much more fun in the sun than you were originally expecting to – and fr those of you that think of whipped cream chargers and ice cream as a late night experience then you’ll never have to worry too much about the melting, but what you’ll be concerned about is actually the problem with tripping over as you walk along!! that’s be the end of both you and your cream – whipping and tripping – not to be tried at the same time!!